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Derek’s love for the outdoors began at an early age. He was afforded the opportunity to spend an
abundance of time in the woods with his large family that all partook in hunting, fishing and even a bit of
trapping. When he was not doing such things with his family members, he was out doing adventures and
such with friends. This passion grew with the introduction of Survival shows on television, and the ever
popular Genre on Youtube.
Derek soon began to research and study about Survival skills and how they could help not only him, but
others while afield, should a situation arise. He also started his popular Youtube channel and began in
sharing his adventures. Some years later, he opened The Woodsman School and Guide Service. To that
point, he has taught with and alongside some other schools in the industry, and most recently, with the
Jack Mountain Bushcraft School.
Some of Derek’s Certifications and accomplishments include, but are not limited to:
•  Registered Maine Guide, Licensed by the State of Maine
•  Wilderness First Aid and CPR Certified
•  Combat Lifesaver Qualified
•  CNA Certified at the college level
•  19 year Army Veteran with a couple of deployments, including combat
•  PADI Certified Rescue Diver
•  Combat Tracker Certified through the Military
•  6 Months volunteering in a Combat Action Support Hospital dealing with trauma
•  2 years as a Trainer for Units deploying to Combat
•  Graduate of other school’s courses and classes
•  Guest instructor at some other schools across the country
Shawn spent a lot of time in the woods as a kid, as most of us did. If he wasn’t peddling his bike, he was
out there building forts, making fires and immersing himself in nature.  Shawn was able to enjoy hiking
in NH and explore the jungles in the Fiji islands. With the advent of YouTube, and the show Survivor
Man, it inspired and helped him to learn and practice outdoor skills! He ended up finding Derek and The
Woodsman School and began taking his courses. Taking and completing both the Basic class and the
Advance class, he was able to be a part of, and pass, the first Woodsman course! This really enhanced his
love of the outdoors! 
Aside of his outdoor experiences, Shawn has some 27 years in the construction field as a Carpenter, and
more specifically, 20 years as a furniture builder. His attention to detail and pride in what he does shows
at our courses when he leads the way in the Bushcraft realm. We often do projects here at the school
that entail this exquisite attention to detail attitude, and Shawn effortlessly shines in this area. From
birch bark containers to wood carving tasks, he is certainly in his element.

When you really enjoy something like Bushcraft, it doesn't make it difficult to share what you've
learned. Shawn looks forward to sharing a fire and some skills as you enhance your love for the
Sharon grew up in a family that was very much interested in camping, and they did it often. Usually
spending entire summers camping in NH with her family, Sharon grew a love of the outdoors in a way
that is not really typical for females. She was also very interested in fishing and ice fishing and did this
with family members over the years as well. Sharon has some college experience in accounting and has
ran 3 companies simultaneously with regards to keeping their books, dealing with audits and the likes.
She is a loving Mom and devoted Wife, and very much a staple of the Woodsman School.
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