The Woodsman School & Guide Service
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The Woodsman School was founded in 2007 by Derek Faria, and has held dozens of courses ranging from Survival, Land Navigation,
Bushcraft and Long Term Wilderness Living Skills.  The school is located in Wakefield, New Hampshire which is right at the cusp of the
“Lake/Mountain” region.  We incorporate new and old ways of doing things to make our training more relevant and realistic.  This includes
using modern gear as well as traditional, old-time gear that has been time-tested for thousands of years.  Though we strive to teach a more
traditional based philosophy along with traditional gear, we encourage students to use any modern equipment they already possess. 

We offer three different levels of Survival courses that range from beginner level, to intermediate, to advanced.  The experience level of the
student is not the deciding factor here, it’s the degree of difficulty and advanced skills at hand.  As you progress through the levels, the skills
become a bit harder to master, and incorporate primitive teachings that are considered time-honored skills.

We also offer three Self-Development Ledger courses to accompany these hands on training courses.  Ledgers 1-3 were designed to be taken
anywhere in the world by folks who, for whatever reason, cannot make it to our facility. The great thing about these “at home courses” is that
you can apply all the same teachings to suit YOUR particular environment and work well in conjunction with our onsite Woodsman School

A Traditional Woodsman Course is offered two times a year (Spring and Fall).  This is a seasonal course where we fabricate items from nature,
and the items and their needs are a direct reflection of the season.  We make things from baskets, mats and bush cookery items, to clothing,
snow shoes, sleds and other items.

Aside of all the above mentioned courses, we also offer Guided trips in Maine, which include both snowshoe and canoe adventures. We
consider these trips our favorites! We either take to the waters on canoes or on foot by snowshoes to explore some of the last real wilderness
this country and the Northeast has to offer. There are a lot of opportunities to experience a real “living” adventure surrounded by majestic
waterways and woodlands, not to mention the abundant wildlife that we share it with. Nothing compares to a real wilderness trip such as

Come join us in exploring the local flora and fauna of the Northeast.  Whether you are a seasoned outdoors person, or entirely new to the
woods, our courses will bring a lasting impression on some of the oldest traditions of our culture (as humans). It’s time to stop being a stranger
to the woods and reconnect with the ways in which brought us all here!